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At the core of every piece of work is the expression of authenticity, creativity and connectedness with land and place.

The Artwork is created with the basic principles defining WABI SABI:

Reverence for authenticity and earthiness, appreciation of the genuine integrity of natural objects and processes, seeing beauty in impermanence, transience and non-perfection.

Each and every piece is hand made with great care and precision. There is a great amount of time and attention given to the detail and overall aesthetic of each piece.

The work is largely inspired by the vineyard and winery. Most of the leaves are hand picked from our vineyards; others come from our property or surrounding area. Each one is hand selected for its shape and size. They are hand cut and hand crafted into a variety of bowls, trays, and hanging pieces. You will also see pieces of wine barrel, tendrils and canes from the vines, and other wine related imagery.

In addition to wine inspired work, Hawkmoth Arts has an overall naturalistic and rustic, yet delicate style where multiple themes of nature, spirituality and memory overlap.

The process of creating the work involves a dedicated studio practice filled with experimentation and exploration. Creativity is essential to the work, and the artwork is continuously evolving.