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Enjoy a selection of Hawkmoth Arts Original artworks. Scroll down to view images from the Signature, Botanical and Designer Collections.

Signature Collection

This collection features the most well known style of Hawkmoth Arts artist, Sandy Gray-Murray. She has cultivated this body of work for over 10 years. Here Sandy works with brown clay bodies with oxide glaze washes to emphasize leaf character. Sandy also explores mixed media in the way of collage, encaustic and wood carving.

Botanical Collection

This collection showcases Hawkmoth Arts artist, Sandy Gray-Murray’s love for drawing. Using an off white clay body with underglaze pencil to hand draw a majority of pieces. She also utilizes the white clay body with metallic washes to emphasize green coloring in the leaf work.

Designer Collection

This collection features a newer exploration in the evolution of Sandy’s work. Using a high fire granite clay gives a slightly blue/gray tint to the interior of the pieces with a contrasting highly textured exterior glaze. These pieces are meant to compare to the look of a stone or a geode.